Pet services in Bracknell/Ascot

Dogs2go offers many services tailored to you and your pet.

If your have any special requirements please do contact us as we are always happy to help.

  • Meet and greet

This is a quick free of charge, no obligation visit in your house, where we can see and get to know each other and talk about your dog’s needs. You will receive a short consent form to fill out in your own time, which will help us provide the best care for your dog.

  • Group dog walking in Bracknell and Ascot

Dogs2go will take your dog for about 50-60 minutes walk in a group of no more than six dogs. They might be walked on a 1-2-1 basis before they are suitably matched with other dogs.

Group walking is a great opportunity for dogs to socialise, play and enjoy time with other dogs.

  • Training walks

This is a one-to-one walk where we spend the time doing some training with the use of most up to date, scientific and positive reward based training methods.

Dogs2go can help with puppy training, walking nicely on the lead, fun trick training, responding to verbal cues, basic obedience, fear of dogs/people, recall training or any behavioural problems.

Training walks are great opportunity for dogs to be mentally stimulated, it encourages them to think and makes them more tired than after a regular walk. The dog doesn't have to have any behavioural problems to benefit from training walks.

  • Pet visits

If your busy schedule is getting in the way of caring for your pet, Dogs2go provides home visits, where we visit your property, offering routine care including feeding, affection and cleaning. We will make sure your pets are all good and safe, let dogs out in the garden and provide them with all the needs they may have.

  • Overnight dog sitting

Dogs2go also provides overnight dog sitting service if your are away for few days. Our pet carers will stay at your house and look after all your pets as well as the property. We will try to follow your daily routine as much as possible so that your pets experience little change, reducing the stress when you're away.

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